Learning the internals

Notes on learning how Cue works internally

The main logical piece is the evaluator. This is..

  • internal/core/{eval,adt}

Things to cover:

  • top level structs
  • top level functions
  • what the data structs look like during evaluation
  • how they relate

Early steps


Was experiencing slowdowns in hof gen with the new evaluator

  • add pprof with CUE_PPROF
  • find go’s memory system is heavy
  • filter for cue’s functions mainly involved
  • find cycle around 5-6 functions in the evaluator system
  • use delve to start following a simple eval, didn’t get very deep
  • switch to printf to see high level flow
  • start trying to find entry into evaluator, many new context (repeated prints)
  • … where is the entry point to this one file’s evaluation?
  • … Validate() from setting breakpoint in delve (for NEW CONTEXT) and checking backtrace
  • … set breakpoint at cue.Value.Validate()
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