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CUE is an open source language with a rich set of APIs and tooling for defining, generating, and validating all kinds of data: configuration, APIs, database schemas, code, … you name it. ~ cuelang.org

About this tutorial

Welcome to Cuetorials where you can learn you some CUE for great good! We hope this site will help you get started with Cuelang (CUE) and become an invaluable resource as you continue to learn and grow your CUE usage. Cuetorials was created to deepen our own understanding and to share the learnings with everyone else.

Much credit must be given to Marcel van Lohuizen, the creator of Cue. Marcel helped create the major configuration systems at Google. He said they always chose the object-oriented approach while the logical, non-programming CUE approach is the correct choice for these systems. His unique experiences give him the perspective to create an effective and efficient language for configuration, data, schemas, transformations, and much more.

When you see "CUE" or "Cuelang" we are referring to the language.

When you see "cue" we are referring the CLI implementation in Go.

Introduction a one pager about CUE

Overview of CUE's concepts and syntax

First Steps to adopting CUE

Useful Patterns and more complex CUE

Deep Dives on topics in CUE

The Go API for working with CUE from Go

Walkthroughs for tasks in CUE

Cueology for aspiring Cueologists

Miscellaneous and other uncategorized content

Videos about CUE

Jobs involving CUE

Getting Help and support for CUE

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